Statistics anytime, anywhere

  • allows powerful statistical analyses
  • on any device that has a web browser and a connection to the internet
  • the device may be a desktop or laptop PC, a netbook, tablet or smartphone.
  • it can be an Apple device or a device with Windows, Linux, Android or any other operating system.

  is available on all devices

How it works

  • enter the data online or upload your data file in MedCalc, Excel or SPSS format
  • next select the statistical procedure and the variable(s) of interest and go!
  • results and graphs are displayed in your browser
  • graphs can be downloaded as Powerpoint slides or high resolution TIF files
  • a tutorial is available online


  • pricing starts at 19 USD/month.
  • you can store up to 100 data files on the servers.
  • each data file can contain up to 100 columns and 10000 rows.
  • is a secure website